Tuesday, 29 June 2010


You know on my sidebar where I wrote, "By the way, don’t worry about that ruckus and catterwailing in the background. It’s just my family. They've noticed the new revamped pantry contents. Did I mention I am dragging the husband and teenagers along with me….? 
It wasn't a joke. This is exactly what the last month has been like. 
This past week it really got to me and I went and hid in my cave and let them eat what was not good. 
A week of reflection for me, however, was good.
Knowing something is healthy and beneficial to our bodies is one area that the family members DO agree on, but the application of that knowledge transferred to the food I feed them is quite another thing. 
You see they agree in theory only...their tastebuds do not want to comply.
Do I have the right to insist that my 16yodd, 17yods, and 44yo husband eat what I believe to be best for them, even though they hate it?
So where do I go from here? That was my week long dilemma. Finding a middle ground seems to be the only avenue open to us - there will still be foods that I will prepare and eat alone (my choice is important too), but there are other options I can prepare for the family as a whole which offer nutritional value albeit not as naturally as I'd prefer. 
They are not excited about these options, but they ARE giving them a go.
To gain the most nourishment from some foods I bought a crock-pot last week...
Slow cooking is a wonderful way to serve stews and casseroles, soups and broths. Yesterday I put a whole lot of wonderful things in the crock-pot for tonight's dinner, using a recipe in this book...
Jamie Oliver has always promoted FRESH foods, and once he became a dad he wrote this book about really eating as natural and organic as possible - since then he has bought a farm, grows his own vegetables organically, and is a promoter of healthy eatng for all children in the schools of England.
My family love to watch Jamie cook (we have many of his DVDs), and they are ok about us trying out more of his recipes. This is a big plus for me to work with.
I also made some desserts to please them, but made sure I added fruit and vegetables for more nutrition.
Orange and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (I used less icing sugar than the recipe so it's not so sweet)...
...and Blackberry Swirls (I served these with freshly made custard from organic milk).
It's school holidays so I'm getting into the habit of making everyone thick salad sandwiches (they insist on white bread, though - I make mine with wholegrain sour dough) and fresh fruit each day...
While they enjoy white rice or pasta, I try to avoid too many grains on my own plate. I scatter stir fried meat over fresh salad and herbs, and scatter nuts and seeds across the top - they won't try this yet, but it's not difficult to prepare the same proteins and serve them differently. Maybe one day they'll think "Gee, that looks tasty..." and give it a go. Maybe not.
I'm also working my way through this book...
I am hoping to incorporate some of the ideas into meals for the family, but for now a lot of it is used by me alone.
Really, I need to remind myself "don't give up". I may buy this poster and hang it in the kitchen to help my resolve on the nights they complain about the meals...
It speaks to my British roots.
Yes, I think I shall indeed buy the poster.
How are you going with your own family and choosing healthy foods?
Healthy Hugs,
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