Friday, 30 July 2010

Baby steps...

Yep, baby steps is what it is like wading through this Failsafe elimination diet. Sometimes Blossom watches me in the kitchen for hours on end and says quietly, "Mum, you don't have to do this...I can keep going without it". Bless her. 
She's feeling guilty because of all the effort it requires to make foods she can eat - but she is so much more to me than time spent in a kitchen. She is a precious young woman who feels like crap most of the time because her body is struggling with the foods she eats, even healthy whole-foods. 
Finding ways to prepare Failsafe foods that keep her nutritionally balanced, satisfied in both appetite and taste, and free from physical and emotional reactions, will get easier with the passing of time and the more information and recipes I gather.
I bought this cute notebook yesterday to keep my recipe notes, and to mark down any reactions she seems to be having...
She is keeping her own daily food diary for the doctor.
Yesterday we went into Townsville to arrange my hand surgery with the ortho-surgeon, and we took with us a long list of grocery items to purchase; Failsafe things that we cannot source in our little town.
It certainly will make life easier because the range of safe foods are increasing in our pantry.
Even sweet treats like soy carob buttons and plain white Pascall marshmallows...
Last night I made chicken nuggets using rice crumbs, and we served them with Pear Chutney and green (allowed) salad veggies.
This morning I made a chick pea dip, which is like hummous, but without yoghurt and tahini. It's actually much nicer (and we LOVE hummous!)...
The recipe is simple - chick peas, garlic, sunflower oil, small dash of water mixed with citric acid, and some pureed tinned pears. Delish!!
Blossom loves Anzac biscuits so I made them today as well...
For the family's dessert tonight I made a dairy-free carob ring cake with mock lemon icing...
I took a favourite chocolate cake recipe and substituted Failsafe ingredients. Not sure how it will taste, but it looks good! 
Dinner tonight will be Roast Lamb with garlic, duchess potatoes, and green beans. Simple, but safe for Blossom. 
As I have said previously, I am doing this with her and I wanted to let you know that I already feel the positive effects. It's amazing really - and quite a surprise to be having success so soon into the program. 
One thing we found on the Failsafe list that we cannot tolerate though, is instant de-caff coffee. I bought a jar for convenience to make Iced Coffees (with rice or soy milk) and we had one last night - I had dreadful chest pains, and Bloss had stomach cramping. 
Today we are back to the lovely Lavazza de-caff ground coffee and having no problems at all. 
I am having surgery on my hand next Friday, August 6th, so the week ahead will be full of cooking and freezing as I'll be limited in what I can do for two weeks after the surgery.
This new cookbook from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital's Allergy Unit is helping enormously!
Between both Failsafe cookbooks I am able to plan a bigger picture of menus. Phew. 
Healthy Hugs
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