Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Wow - I really did miss September!!

I can't believe its been so many weeks since I last posted here, but then again, life sure was full of so many things in the background - all those things that just don't get shared on your blog. ;-)
I'm going to make a confession. I am an emotional eater.
When life's boat is tossing wildly on the ocean of my world I tend to turn to food as I ponder the answers that will rescue my mind from it's incessant search for *the* answer to make all things right once more.
Scotch Finger biscuits put their hand up as my September food addiction and after losing 3 kilos in August, I painfully welcomed most of them right back in September!

Fortunately these times of high intensity need do not last forever.
Over-filling my roles of mother, mentor, comforter and encourager last month took a lot of time, prayer, and face-to-face hours. I ached for those who were hurting, and found my love of healthy living just didn't seem to be as important at the time. I think we all have times in life when some things, some people in particular, need so much of us that order diminishes and we just want to *be* there for them. Everything else can wait.
Bit by bit, day by day, my loved ones are healing. They are not there yet, but they are in a better place than they were a month ago. 
Now I am noticing that our bodies are starving for nutrients we've been avoiding - it's time to throw that last Scotch Finger Biscuit wrapper in the bin, clean out the fridge and pantry, and go shopping in the fresh food aisle once more.
Hmmm...a menu plan will be needed too. I'll do that this afternoon. 
See you soon with a replenished arsenal of God's lovely fresh pleasures,
PS: If you've fallen off the wagon like me, let me know and we can help each other shake off that extra weight added on by unhealthy eating, and embrace fresh, life-giving goodness once more.


africanaussie said...

count me in! I have to keep reminding myself that healthy eating and exercise is for ME and MY health. I got fit and healthy for an overseas trip and now have slumped right back into those old habits again.

Leanne said...

Good on you- get back up & off you go.
I've begun a new venture - - Gingernut biscuits were my crutch - they have all gone.
Going slow - eating breakfast Drinking water. With plan to give up sugar which will mean goodbye tea & coffee. No more will be brought once I've finished whats in pantry.

I'll be cheering you on

Love Leanne

Jan said...

Hi Jenny I have been waiting for your return, but I knew you were busy from your other blog. I too have fallen of the wagon, in fact I was not really on there, just hanging of the sides. So I put my hand up for help, I await your inspiring ideas.
I am in need of some quick, low fuss ideas at the moment.
Best wishes to you and yours.