Saturday, 26 February 2011

Seeing results...

I am really proud of how well I have been able to stick to this low-carb/sugar-free diet. I have had a couple of days where the sweet tooth has cried out for a sugar hit, but I fed it with grapes or an orange and it soon settled. 
To date I have lost 2.6kgs (almost 6 pounds), and I am rarely hungry. 
I am careful to add proteins to my daily salads; things like Tofu...
...chicken breast...
...and lentils, beans or chick peas.
On my doctor's advice I am careful not to eat fruits like melons as they are high GI and give your body a sugar rush. I eat lots of berries, especially in smoothies or with yoghurt, and I like to spoil myself with a passionfruit at breakfast.
The good carbs I eat are things like roasted sweet potato, which I toss through my salad.
Filtered water is a high priority, and apart from one soycinno per day it is all I drink.
Of course, I know that I can't stay this strict for the rest of my life, but after the doctor checked my blood pressure again this week and discovered it was already back to normal (yay!!!!), I am certainly convinced that at least 80% of my diet will need to stay this way.
That's ok. Life is about balance, so if I want to have a slice of sourdough bread once or twice a week, I will. I'll enjoy every crumb, and then settle back to what I know works best for my body. Once I have lost another 13kgs I can live on a maintence plan, but for now I have that goal in sight - and the most important part of my goal is that a healthier Jenny will result.
Healthy hugs,
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