Friday, 8 April 2011

Planning ahead for busy times...

I just ordered this...
The author/cook is Heidi Swanson, and this book is a compilation of all the meals she made in a year - the meals she cooked for her family. Heidi is vegetarian, and as I have shared before, there was a two year session of being vegetarian myself during 2006-7, so I am excited about becoming more veggie-meal-minded once more. I'm hoping for simple but tasty everyday fare, and from the reviews this book offers that.
This last month saw me once again drop off in my healthy eating pursuits. I get discouraged when I am time poor and that happened a lot during late February and all through March. 
Today was the 1st day of school holidays and with a two and half week break ahead of me the plan is to clean out the pantry tonight, then draw up a menu list, shop, and spend a couple of days cooking in bulk for freezing ahead to cover the busy weeks I know I'll have in 2nd term.
For now I am going to revisit this book, Nourishing Traditions, for ideas until Heidi's book arrives...
...and go over all the lessons I learnt from the Nourished Kitchen online course last year. 

With the tropical weather finally cooling, and the nights becoming crisp with a slight chill in the air, it is perfect timing for risottos and stews, baked fruit crumbles, and home made soups. I will even pull out the dehydrator to stock up on some treats for the winter using the last of the plums and other stone fruits. 
Zumba is on my 'want to' list of exercise, but as I have two left feet and no co-ordination whatsoever, this may be a challenge I should lay down before I begin. Maybe stick to those ancient Rosemary Conley videos that may have 80's music, but actually do work on my body shape? I'll let you know. 

I hope I can be diligent to update here more often - that would certainly be a personal encouragement and give me some accountability. How have you been going with living a healthy lifestyle? Have you made permanent changes over the last year that you can share with me?
I'd love to hear from you. :-)
Healthy Hugs

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