Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back on the wagon...or should I say back to the juicer?

It's been months since I last posted. Sickness, my husband's new job, his loss of that job, another new job, a new year, a new town, a new home - life has a habit of standing in the middle of my health road, and the worst thing is that I let it.
But there is nothing like a big health scare to push life to the side and force you back to the middle of the single lane healthy living highway! 
My heart is not happy. 
I have lost 9 kilograms (about 20 lbs) in the last six months, and I have kept it off. It wasn't difficult, but it did take determination and a mindset of not being tempted by what those around me chose to eat. I am half-way to goal weight now, so another 9 kilos to lose and I can honestly say I am in the normal weight range for my height and age.
Over the last couple of weeks this goal has taken on new urgency, so I felt a boost to my enthusiasm was needed. God heard, because I saw this dvd amongst the apples in the fruit & veg section of my local supermarket and didn't flinch at placing it right into my trolley...
Mr E and I spent a good portion of this afternoon watching it, and believe me, it was worth the $20 I paid for it!  Visit the website HERE for more information.
So here I am about to get back to documenting my healthy living journey once more. The stakes are higher now, but the outcome will be the same - a healthy, fit body, able to handle the remaining years God has given me on earth.
Tomorrow I will be stocking up on greens for juicing, and menu planning based on the DASH diet for a healthy heart. I'm also using the CSIRO Healthy Heart Program book as that is pretty similar and more relevant to Australian resources.

Have you seen the DVD, or tried the DASH diet?
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