Wednesday, 5 September 2012

7 months later...

It's been seven months exactly since my last blog post. Seven months of highs and lows, and more lows.
The rollercoaster of life never really stops long enough for me to adhere permanently to a healthy mindset.
The desire is always there - but the confidence, time, and fortitude to see it all through has been sojourning too long in the valleys of my life.
Even my heart scare did not have the long lasting impact on my health regime that I'd expected.
So I did what I always do, and turned to food - the naughty, sugary, doughy kind - for comfort.
Those 9 kilos I lost? 
6 of those kilos have found their way home and are dwelling happily around my sadly spongy torso once again, like an ever returning wayward child. 
It's not easy for me to sit here writing this. It's humiliating and scary...but it's necessary.
Often I have heard the expression, "Man up, and face it!"
Well, I am "woman-ing up and facing my weight issues" as well as the insidious habit I have for turning to sweet comforts when life gets busier that I can handle, and too many people 'need' me.
This will not be easy. I have no intention of kidding myself or you, my reader, but every step forward is a step towards being the healthier me.
Every step forward signifies I haven't taken a step back...there is great joy in that alone!
Today I will read through everything I've written on this blog since it began - I know I'll see some lows, but I want to be re-inspired with all the positives so will focus on them. Already, just scrolling through the photos of all the lovely foods I prepared when losing those 9 kilos has stirred my hibernating healthy self to start over....
I hope you'll encourage me on the next leg of my healthy journey.

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