Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How many times can one person start over?

As many as they like.

Finding time for *me*, and my way of eating is harder now than it ever was, and I'm not sure why.
Perhaps I just don't make myself and my health enough of a priority?

The only person who can change that is me, and it's only when the scales tip back over the 75kg mark that I actually sit up and take notice of that truth.

Last week, scales tipped 75kgs again. I hate admitting it. I hate that I do so well, and then let everyone else's 'lack of health' desires take over.

So I start over. Again.

But one day, that starting over date will never be repeated because I'll believe I am worth it all, and take the time of my life to see it through till I meet Jesus.

This morning, a health shot to begin the cleanse...

almond milk
maca powder
raw cacao
golden flaxmeal
black chia seeds
raw macadamias

In the garden, starting small, but starting none-the-less...

And for exercise? We have a steep driveaway...perfect for climbing up and down a while. I also bought a Leslie Sansone walking dvd, and I have my old favourite Rosemary Conley dvds for toning.
Hopefully, as the weight drops again, and my knees stop hurting from carrying my excess weight, I'll be doing some of this...
Starting over.
It's not so bad.


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