Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Schedules and habits...

Why haven't I been posting here?
Well, I was pretty overwhelmed last month, which is one of the reasons I went away on my own for a few days (see previous blog post).

The thing that has made the most sense to me in the past few weeks has been my lack of scheduling and organisation. 
I home-schooled for twelve years, and I was *very* scheduled and organised. It's exactly how I like to be; the way I function at my best. But when I began designing I didn't plan much at was a roller coaster ride through unknown territory and I was hanging on by my teeth because it really took off quicker than I'd dreamed and just never slowed down long enough for me to stand back and really assess how it fit with my no-longer-homeschooling life.

If you're in to craft, you can see the household binder cover I made a few weeks ago (it has a tutorial too) HERE...

Making this was an important first step to getting some routine and planning into my business life as well as my health and home life.

My 'aha' moment was to remember that I am unique, and I need to work to 'how I function best'.
If I am working with me, and not against me, then there is a smoother flow.

The same applies to food. 
I know what I like - what I love!
I know that if I play around with a dietary regime for good health that I can only stick to for a few months then inevitably I set myself up for failure in the long term because I won't love it...I'll gradually drift back to where I was before.

That's why its been so long between blog posts.
I had to work through this, pray through it, be analytical and wise...I had to add my own likes and dislikes into the equation. If I am going to finally kick the 18 kilos of excess weight off my little 5'1" (154cm) frame, then I have to be able to do it permanently, with a food and exercise plan that I *love*, a plan that isn't a diet but a way of life.

A blog reader asked if I could share a typical foodie week with her via my blog, so she could see what I eat over a 7 day period.
I'm going to start that today, because without her knowing it, the idea will help me look at my weekly menu with a clear overall view...and I need that.

So today I'll share my breakfast.

I soaked sunflower seeds overnight in a bowl of filtered water with a squeeze of lemon juice. 

I also soaked oats with a grated apple (skin on), some raisins, a squeeze of lemon juice, and unsweetened almond milk overnight as well.

Finally, I defrosted some raspberries and blueberries overnight in a bowl inside the fridge.

I served my breakfast with a little more unsweetened almond milk...

This is really, really simple and only took me 3 or 4 minutes before bed last night to prepare for this morning's feast. I genuinely love this kind of food and scratch my head as to why I bow to convenience more often than I ought. Probably because I don't make those 3 or 4 minute prep times before I hit the sack each night.
But the plan is in place and the routine begun.

There was enough of everything for two breakfasts, so I'll be having the same tomorrow.
Now to soak some rice for dinner...


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