Friday, 30 August 2013

Thursday fare...

Not much to show from Thursday as I was in 'waste not, want not' mode, and used up our leftovers.

Breakfast was the remaining soaked flour scones I made on Wednesday, but this time I toasted them under the griller. Served with a kiwi fruit, and fresh coffee, they were even tastier than when freshly baked!

No-one was home for lunch as my husband had to travel up north for the day, my 19yo daughter met with friends (it was her day off work), and I had a long list of errands to run.
I opted for half a 'chicken & salad wholegrain wrap' with a coconut water from the food court at our local shopping centre between errand destinations.
Dinner was a repeat of the night before: brown rice vegetable pilaf with 1/2 a piece of salmon.

My labne cheese has worked a treat!
 After turning their noses up at it, I convinced my husband and daughter to try some on a cracker. Surprise, surprise, they asked for more!
This will be the base of Friday's lunch, smeared on my 'hopefully' successful fresh sour dough bread. I'm going to make some more and roll into little balls dusted in spices and preserve them in olive oil like the photo below. I was inspired by THIS recipe.... 

I collected a good amount of whey from making the labne, so it's stored in the fridge for adding to the soaking liquid used in my flours, grains and nuts in coming weeks. 

This was the sour dough starter on Thursday morning...
 By Thursday afternoon it had doubled, so it was time to mix up my bread dough and leave it to rise overnight - one bonus of living in the tropics is that this rarely fails! I'll bake it Friday morning and all going well we'll enjoy it with the labne cheese for lunch. 
I'll keep you posted...


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