Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Now that Blossom is working I have to plan breakfasts or she'll be out the door with nothing more than a small apple juice to sustain her till lunch.
She has never been big on breakfasts, but at least when we homeschooled she would have a nutritious morning tea by 10am. Her one year of formal schooling also provided a morning tea break, but at her work there is just time for a quick cup of tea mid-morning. So I have prepared a few options for her, hoping that the constant routine of an energy fuelled breakfast will become a habit fairly soon.
Due to her normal avoidance of early morning meals I chose to start with an energy drink this week....
Soy milk, banana, organic cocoa and malted milk powder are the framework for a healthy smoothie, and she loves it! \o/ It's full of goodness and energy to keep her on track till lunch - and she loves those frothy bubbles...
If I'm in a rush I make another smoothie for myself, but my usual breakfast is a bit more substantial. This is my best friend in the morning - my vegetable juicer...
I almost always make a beetroot, carrot, celery and apple juice, served with wholegrain toast (this week it is the scrumptious Pumpernickel loaf I made the other day!), and some Cashew Maple Butter...
If you'd like to make the Cashew Maple Butter, here is the recipe -

2 cups raw cashews
80g organic butter
1/4 (60ml) cup pure maple syrup

Process the cashews in your food processor until finely chopped. Add the butter and maple syrup and process until the mixture resembles a paste. Store in the refrigerator - this will keep 4-6 weeks (but it's so yummy it won't last that long!)

What are some healthy breakfast ideas you use?
Do you have a favourite coffee mug? I have about 6 favourites! But this is my husband's mug...
...he's a school teacher, you see. :-)

Healthy hugs

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