Saturday, 21 August 2010

Slow and Pumpernickel Bread.

 Hello friends!
I thought that I'd best update you on Blossom's special diet. The elimination time frame came and went so we started challenges. Surprisingly she had no noticeable reactions to a variety of foods, until we did milk.
She reacts dreadfully to milk and cream!
Well, you know what that means. Dairy is out.
At 16, and still a growing teenager, we now will be planning ways to keep a healthy dose of calcium in her diet. Fortunately there are a number of options there. 
My hand is still not functioning well, so simple and fresh is the best way to describe my meal preparation at the moment.
Today I visited our farmer man with the ute and trailer at the park and bought up on all his lovely fruit and veg.
 His pineapples, melons and passionfruit are the best I have ever tried, so fruit salad had to be made...
Fruit salad is the best way to help kids get their daily allowance of Vitamin C, and as both my teens have been battling chest infections and coughs this month, the coolness of a fruit salad has soothed their throats and aided their recovery. 
Today I also came across a *yummy* recipe for Pumpernickel Bread. Have you ever tried it? I have often bought it as I love heavy European bread, but have never made it myself  - never knew you could - so today I gathered the ingredients and gave it a go.
The recipe was for a hand kneaded dough, but I am unable to use my right hand with any pressure so threw caution to the wind and added all the ingredients to the breadmaker instead. 
I chose a regular small loaf cycle (it's a very small loaf actually) and though it wasn't uniform in height once baked, it was DELICIOUS!
Honestly, this bread tastes amazing home-made!
You can find the recipe in Notebook: magazine if you want to hand knead it, but if you just want to use the breadmaker like I did I'll share it here. Place in the breadmaker in this order -
It's made differently by hand, so please use the recipe in the magazine if you do it that way. :-)
Of course, I always forget the handle on the baking tin is hot...
Thank God for the pots of Aloe Vera in the garden. 
Healthy Hugs,
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