Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 3 - are you still with me?

Today was definitely easier than yesterday. The sugar (lollies, biscuits cake etc) cravings last night were not pleasant, but I didn't succumb to them so I am pleased - if I'd given in it would be back to square one on that count today.
Dinner was a success! Jody Vassallo's "Lime & Lemongrass Chicken and Rice" was delicious! It is made similar to a risotto but without all the stirring.
I'd never cooked with lemongrass, fish sauce or kaffir lime leaves before, but I will again. :-)
17yo daughter wasn't keen to try this dish so I made her a big pot of beef and potato curry. 
Indian cooking is natural for me as I cooked it every day for 10 years in my 20's. Downside is that my husband hates curries, so I tend to cook Indian only occasionally for the daughter and I.
Breakfast today was the same as yesterday - buckwheat granola, yoghurt and fruit. 
Lunch was soy/linseed bread toasted and smothered with avocado, soy cheese, and salad vegetables. Yum!!
I am not using butter during this 30 day detox because I eat butter sliced like cheese. Honest. I never use margarine, always butter, and I still believe it is the healthiest for our bodies because it is natural but I know I go overboard with my personal portions. 
My sweet treat today is freshly cut pineapple.
A new batch of rye sour dough starter is brewing on my kitchen bench...
...and these beautiful soaked almonds have been turned into 1.25 litres of fresh almond milk for some smoothies.
You'll find my Almond Milk tutorial HERE.
Tonight I'll be finishing up the Lime & Lemongrass Chicken from last night, probably with a big green salad. Mr E is happy because I am making him rissoles - he goes weak at the knees for my rissoles. ;-)
The vegetable crisper is full once more after a morning stroll through Woollies. I love their new bags...
Great sentiment, but sad they rip off hard working farmers by paying so little.
Anyhow, enough said. If only we lived nearer to a big city and a farmer's market, eh?
I may not post tomorrow. Hubby and I will be test riding three different BMW's in Townsville. Be still my beating heart.... :-)
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