Friday, 12 August 2011

Days 8 & 9

Day 8 included a surprise birthday dinner for my eldest daughter, Kezzie, who moved to town on Monday with her family. You can read all about it HERE
I started the day with Granola again, and a big salad for lunch. Kezzie loves my Granola and sour dough bread so I made extra for her to take home and now she's having the Granola each morning too. She is so eager to eat healthy!
I made a chicken and rice dish with plenty of vegetables for her belated birthday dinner, and this simple passionfruit cheesecake for dessert. 
This has been the first totally sweet treat I've had since starting the detox and 30 day accountability, and I only had a small slice. It was lovely, but I was quite satisfied with my portion and did not desire more. \o/ 
Last night I soaked tapioca in coconut cream and water so I could cook it when I woke this morning. I love how the solid white pearls become translucent after cooking....
Today I mixed it with grated apple, flaked almonds, maple syrup, and natural yoghurt before serving with my two favourite fruits at the moment - passionfruit and strawberries.
(Don't you love the tablecloth? A vintage $2 find at the opshop yesterday with Kezzie)
This recipe is from....
...and I have shared it and method HERE.
After dehydrating a fresh batch of Sprouted Buckwheat Granola I refilled the dehydrator with cherry tomatoes. These were a bargain at $1 for a huge bag, and I was able to fill two trays! We had them with dinner tonight and I will never buy dried tomatoes from the supermarket again - this was cheap, easy, and so much nicer. Tomorrow I will be planting a few cherry tomato plants in pots so I can have my own supply on hand in a couple of months.
Last year I did an online course with Nourished Kitchen and I still re-watch the videos and go through my recipe sheets regularly for ideas. Today I soaked a mix of wheat, spelt, and rye flour in buttermilk for making scones tomorrow...
The mix sits out on the bench for 12-24 hours, then I add the remaining ingredients to bake into scones. This is such a healthy way to eat grains as the enzyme inhibitors in the flours are broken down to make the scones more digestible.  I'll add some orange zest and cranberries, and we'll have these freshly baked in the morning for breakfast.
I also soak rice with lemon juice (or whey) and water for about 6-8 hours before I rinse it and cook by the absorption method. Last night Kezzie and the family commented on how incredibly fluffy the rice was and it was because of the pre-soaking with an acidic medium. 
Regarding buttermilk, I make my own. I use the Food Renegade's recipe HERE, and have never had a problem. This is today's litre already forming a thick head of creme fraiche after just an hour in our very warm tropical winter air...
Lunch today was a tossed salad with thin slices of the roast beef from earlier in the week. I played around and invented my own salad dressing - it was scrumtpious, so I am sharing it with you. Just mix equal parts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Tamari, and Sweet Chilli Sauce. 
Tonight we finished off the roast beef with another salad (which included my dried tomatoes) and some hard boiled organic free range eggs. Some toasted sour dough bread from Wednesday's baking, and we were quite satisfied. I am still smiling at having my husband eat the same meals as me lately. Who would have thought he'd catch on after all these years? Although I must confess he doesn't like sour dough so he has plain white bread instead. Little by little, step by step...patience. :-)
Before I go I promised African Aussie the Lime & Lemongrass Chicken recipe, so just click on the photo below and it will come up on your screen. Alternate click on the enlarged photo and save it to your computer. 

PS: Jenny from the Nourished Kitchen has shared many of her wonderful recipes online. Have a browse HERE for some healthy ideas!
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