Monday, 15 August 2011

Days 10 & 11

The weekend was a good one - lots of family time, and things to do.
Mr E and I rode down to Ravenswood on Saturday morning, after a nourishing bowl of my breakfast tapioca. 
We arrived back home before lunch so I baked the scone mix I'd been soaking in buttermilk since Friday morning. I added cranberries and orange zest for flavour and sweetness....
...they were mouthwateringly delicious indeed, and a big hit with all the family and one of Blossom's friends who came to visit. 
Just a smear of butter is all that's needed, and of course a pot of tea.

For dinner there was only the two of us at home so we opted for simple tea and toast with a few strawberries on the side. 
On Sunday,  after a breakfast of banana/blueberry almond milk smoothies we strolled through the markets with our eldest daughter, her hubby and children, before heading home for sour dough salad sandwiches. 
I baked jam drop biscuits (cookies) for the boys and we all nibbled on them over afternoon tea. 
Even though these are a sweet treat, and I am avoiding that as much as possible during this 30 Day Accountability, I am pleased that I know every ingredient used in their making and my grandsons are not being filled with artificial additives and chemicals. 
My eldest girl, Kezzie, is a wonderful home cook and prides herself on making foods from scratch for her children and husband.
Both our families had dinner together last night and this time we chose to buy some take-away from the fish and chip shop. I had a piece of fish (Red Emperor) and made my own salad for a side dish. 
Today I was back to my Granola and freshly made yoghurt for breakfast, and have rice for tonight's dinner soaking in lemon juice and water...
I'm making an Asian style chicken and serving it over rice with salad on the side. I don't think I can get through the day without one or two salads!
As I have mentioned before, having a bit of soy each day has made a huge difference to the number of hot flushes that bombard my body. 
For me, this has been a bit of a miracle as nothing else has curbed them. I went from 40 flushes a day to about 8. 
However, over the last week I haven't had any flushes at all! Deciding that after 4 years this could well mean I am on the tail end of menopause, I quit having soy about 5 days ago.  Soy is not good for people like me with thyroid conditions, but I made the decision to use it this last year or so because the pain of those flushes had to be felt to be believed, and I needed relief, and I had no intention of using HRT. I saw soy as the lesser of two evils.
I also never used soy in my productive years as it can cause all sorts of problems with pregnancy and fertility. 
Due to a few comments and emails about my use of soy I wanted to clarify my reasons for doing so. 
For insight into soy, so that you can make your own decision, read THIS informative article. 

So for me, I'm enjoying flush-free days and nights, especially with the tropical summer almost knocking on our door again, and I'm also pleased that I can opt out soy for good now. 

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