Sunday, 21 August 2011

Days17 & 18

I've eaten some lovely food this weekend, but I'm pleased to say I stayed on portion control. 
We had dinner at a friend's home on Saturday night, and were blessed with the yummiest sweet potato soup. I could have eaten another bowl it was so good! Think I'll play around with making one myself this week.
Breakfasts are still Buckwheat Granola, and lunch is usually some form of salad with avocado. I'm avoiding morning and afternoon teas without any problem, which is a good habit to break. In the past that is where my over-calorific (that is not a word, I know) daily intake occured.
Hubby and I did a lot of walking on Saturday and he really wanted a meat pie from our award winning bakery along the way. It was lunch out together so I ordered one too, but only ate a half. I figured that was ok as an occasional thing, after all if I deny myself everything then I will fail at this. It's about being wise with choices outside the home, and still enjoying a treat once in a while. 
Today I made another home-made jelly. Apple this time for the grandsons...
Tomorrow will be a big day with bread to bake, jam to make, and some sunflower snacks to dehydrate. 
I'd also like to have a big bowl of fruit salad on hand for when I need a sweet hit about 3.30pm; it's been a month since I quit caffeine completely and I get very tired mid afternoon. Perhaps I should make a carrot, beetroot, celery and apple juice instead? When I make these in the morningI feel like Roger Ramjet does after swallowing a super proton energy pill! The energy rush is incredible! 
Tonight was the family dinner night at our place and the spread was delicious. I had small portions of everything, and as long as I can keep that side of things under control I know these Sunday dinners won't mess with my weight loss journey. 
You can read about our dinner HERE.
Now to plan the week's, fun, fun. ;-)

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